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Harry and Hermione - Bookweek Costumes

Every year (usually in August), students in schools all over Australia dress up as their favourite book characters to celebrate Bookweek. It's lots of fun for the kids, encourages engagement in literature, and is both a source of delight and stress for crafty mothers and children. It often results in tears, tantrums and hot glue gun burns as costumes are made with minutes to spare, and changed at the last minute on the whims of capricious children.

This year, I was prepared.  Our school only has a bookweek costume parade every second year, so I was ready to make the most of it.  Way, way back in June (yep, 3 months ago) my children decided they wanted to go as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. They were certain of their decision, and I got started.  My inspiration for their costume was what I imagined as standard Hogwarts school uniform for Gryffindor students - robe with red lining, wand, stripey scarf, grey sweater, pants or pleated skirt, white shirt and tie.

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