Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Don't tell my brother ...

That I'm using his laptop to blog about knitting (well, mostly holidays).

We're having a great time in Japan. Nearly time to go home.

After a few days in Tokyo, we've spent the last 9 days at a ski resort near Nagano. There is so much snow! It just keeps snowing and snowing. There's no choice but to ski powder (I'm not complaining). The other day it was so deep I was eating the spray that was rising up in front of me.

Knitting wise.... I've been working on the second of Joe's Boyfriend socks. I never realised how much bigger his feet are than mine until I had to knit him a sock. I've also been plugging away at a version of Jeanie - done on much smaller needles, in red cotton.

Photos and more details when I get back. For now, there's this ...

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Can't talk

Gotta pack.

There's a big pile of clothes gathering on the futon, and empty bag in the lounge room, and the clock keeps telling me it's later and later.

This time tomorrow we'll be in Japan.

Back soon. With tales of adventure!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Happy, Happy

Joy, joy.

I've finished my chemise. I have to say that it's the knitted item of clothing that I am most happy with. I like the colour, the fit, the style, and the cost (all up <$15). Cause it's cotton, there's no itching either.

Joe was kind enough to take some photos - in between showers (I'm sick of all this rain!).

Yarn: Yarn Bee Cotton, Varnished
Pattern: Eyelet Chemise, Interweave Kits
Needles: 3.25 mm

Monday, 4 February 2008

Rainy Days

I do love the sound of rain in the evening. So soothing.

I know we're in a drought and rain is good. But, really, I'm getting a bit sick of all this wet weather. Why, you ask?

Well first of all, there's not much natural light floating around for a tiny little 4 year old digital camera. Taking photos of what I've been up to is not much fun at all. Especially when I've been up to knitting (black) socks for my wonderful husband.

He chose the pattern himself (boyfriend socks) and surprised me in the process. I would have gone for something a lot less 'fancy'.

Second. I'm still waiting for my cranberry chemise to dry, so I can sew it together, crochet the edges, add buttons, ribbons and other frippery.

Which means that I filled in time during the week with a 6mm crochet hook and cheap cotton from Spotlight .

Looks like my dimensions are not the same as the cushion. More on this project when I can be bothered.

So I'm blaming the weather on my current lack of focus. Something's gotta be responsible.