Saturday, 28 June 2008

Baby Cables Singlet Pattern

Baby Cables Singlet

A quick and easy knit for those summer babies.

Yarn: Adriafil Floris
Needles: 3.25 mm (US 3, UK 12) circular or dpns
Notions: stitch holder(s), yarn needle for weaving in ends
Size: This knits up to be somewhere around a 000 or 00 in Australian baby sizing. It should fit most newborns.

Gauge: 32 sts and 35 rows to 10 cm in rib pattern when lightly steam blocked

Cable pattern (worked over 9 stitches)

Knit Purl

Cable Left: knit second stitch on needle from back of work (without dropping), knit first stitch as normal, drop both stitches

Cast on 90 sts. Join for working in the round.
Work 2 rows in K3, P1 rib
Commence working cable pattern as per the chart. Continue in this pattern until singlet measures 14.5 cm from cast on edge (around 8 repeats) Finishing with a non-cable row

Cast off 3 stitches. Work in pattern as set to for 42 stitches (45 stitches unworked – left for front).
Cast off 3 stitches. Work in pattern across back (WS). (39 stitches)
Continue to work singlet back and forth.
Dec 1 st at each armhole on RS rows 3 times, keeping pattern (or reverting to a straight 2x1 rib if you prefer). (33 stitches) **
Work a further 23 rows as set, finishing on a WS row.
Work across 9 stitches, cast off 15 sts, work the remaining 9 stitches.
Work 1 row.
Decrease at neck edge on RS rows 3 times.
Place remaining 6 sts on a holder.
Join yarn at right back neck with wrong side facing.
Work as per left back, reversing shaping.
Place remaining 6 sts on a holder.

Rejoin yarn with RS facing.
Work as for back to ** finishing with a WS row.
Work across 14 sts, cast off 5 sts, work another 14 sts.
Decrease 1 st at neck opening on RS rows 5 times. Then every 3rd row until 6 sts remain.
Continue to work right front until it matches the length of the right back (30 rows from last armhole decrease).
Use 3 needle bind off to join right front and back.
Work as for right front, reversing shaping, and joining to left back.

Weave in all ends.
Steam block lightly with damp tea towel over garment.


The room that houses our computer somehow manages to be the coldest in Winter, and the hottest in Summer. Fed up with emerging from a knitterly net session with icypole fingers, I dug around in my stash for some yarn and cast on Fetching.

Having knit some fingerless mitteny things before, I established the basic ground rules that they were to be a dark colour, and not have little fluffy bits coming off all over the place.

Here they are unblocked.

That's not a dark colour colour I hear you say.

No it's not, but it's a very nice colour to have some fun with wool dye.

Here they are dyed and blocked. Yum.

and yum again.

I dyed the mittens in the microwave after knitting up, so that I wouldn't have a whole hank of yarn in the one colour - so many options! The colour isn't totally even, but I like the effect. They're a little greener than they appear in the photos.

Pattern: Fetching (Knitty Summer 06)

Yarn: Some DK I picked up from a strange little store in NZ. No idea of what type of wool it is. I suspect some lovely spinner collected the fleece from the store, spun it up, and took it back to be sold on. The colour was a natural cream, that isn't quite even.

Needles: 3.5 mm knit picks options (dpns for the thumbholes).

Comments/Modifications: I added an extra 5 stitches (one cable/rib) to each mitten as I was using smaller needles. Also added 2 extra stitches to the thumb to make sure there was plenty of room. The length was adjusted for the smaller needles too.

Having finished a project on Tuesday evening (at the knitting shop), and without the pattern for the other item I was knitting. I cast on a singlet for the llama.

No pattern (as yet) - made it up as I went along. Measuring it up against some Bonds singlets it should fit a newborn. I might have to track one down, and double check.

I like the way the cables move across the fabric, like diagonal lines.

I'll post the pattern shortly.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Dashing Root

I'm still not sure why anyone would ever want to call their knitwear design 'Rusted Root'. Even if you discount the Aussie slang it's not exactly inspiring.

Nevertheless, I saw the pattern, figured it would work perfectly with the 8 balls of 'Dashing' I'd picked up from Spotlight (at just $2 a ball!), and cast on.

That was all some time ago now. The knitting was even finished weeks ago (maybe more than a month). All that was left was the pesky business of weaving in ends and blocking. Making the most of last Saturday's lovely weather, I tore myself away from the Pretty as a Peacock shawl*, and spend some quality time with the laundry tub, woolwash, and my pilates mat. It didn't finish drying on Saturday, and Sunday heralded the start of 5 rainy days. So finally, this morning, I braved the cooler weather, and convinced the wonderful Joe to take some shots.

I knitted this based on my pre-pregnancy measurements, so it's feeling a little tight at the moment. My aim is to have it as an incentive to loose some baby fat come summer.

Specs ...
Pattern: Rusted Root from Zephyr Style
Knitted in Spotlight Basics Dashing (worsted weight apparently)
Needles: 4 mm knitpicks options
Mods: Maybe a bit longer than stipulated in the pattern. After discovering how to make increases that 'lean' different directions, I made sure I used them for the sleeve 'seams'.

I think I might use this pattern as the basis for another top. If I did, I might add a bit more puff to the sleeves, maybe give myself a bit more bust room, and change the decreases at the end of the bust so that they match.

And now (for those who've requested it), a pic of the 'bump'. It's not huge, but I'm making the most of that.

*Yes, I've been picking it up when I feel like I can concentrate - here's a link to the knit a long blog